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By strengthening profitable business models, Renami Group as an expert in Lighting and Fans continues its experience as a major online retailer ,wholesaler and service provider with the intend to set clear benchmarks and generate significant growth 

With the experience acquired over the last 5 years with our own e-commerce web-sites focused on lighting, fans and furniture accessories we want to share our success with you.
We know there are a lot of "webdesigners" , "e-commerce solutions" and anything you could even think about in order to bring your manufacturing, your wholesale or your retail store on the web  - BUT - how many of them know really our field - the field of Lighting and Ceiling Fans and related solutions ? 

We know to know  - with over 25 years experience  in this field , from manufacturing to retail and Distribution and then at last the combination of all of it online with direct contact to customer and his needs. 

What we offer
- Ready made Turn Key solutions of Lighting and Fans website in Franchise.
Start your own lighting and/or fan business in your area - from scratch or as an  addition to your existing retail store. 
- Want create a new e-commerce store - retail or wholesale.  Let create your online store be created by people which know about the product and how and  where to promote it.


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