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Renami Group Industries UAE is a Leading manufacturer of plastic and aluminium extrusion products for the lighting industrie , located in Dubai - United Arab Emirates; with over 20 years of experience in the mold designing and engineering plastic processing industry. We pride ourselves in our ability to take customer requirements and integrate our experience in the lighting industrie for their needs. From the most challenging to the most routine projects, we ensure that every item  manufactured is an example of skilled workmanship.


Why Renami Group Industries ?
We are small enough to give the attention you need and large enough to provide with all the services you may require, enabling us to transfer your product inquiries into a unique customer experience.

The strength of Renami is its ability to produce quality. With thousands of linear meters of LED linear lighting solutions sold in the to quality and service very sensitive United Arab Emirates Market we used to follow every order and project from beginning to the end in the quickest, most cost effective way possible. In partnership with the customer, our team will also work with their extensive knowledge in logistics to get the products in front of your door  help to reduce the in our days continuously costs.   


Perfection comes with experience
Our independence ensures your orders security and our dedicated staff assists you from the moment you make your first call to Renami, taking you from the quotation of the delivery; to the finished, higher level  products compared to Chinese manufacturers  at a competitive price.

Renami's extruded parts are strictly controlled by experienced on site technologists. Providing world-class innovation, quality, and expertise for the lighting industry. We are committed to building long lasting and successful partnerships with our customers.


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