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Global procurement  

"Renami Group Procurement enables firms to pursue the full potential of international sourcing by capitalising on the world's best suppliers"

Global procurement became a way for organisations to meet the challenges of new markets and global competitors. The concept discusses strategies for global procurement management in lighting, fans and Design Accessories and their strengths and weaknesses. It also reviews recent business evidence and success factors to help project, retail, wholesale or webshop procurement  make better and more informed decisions.

With our own brands, our own manufacturing facilities, our agencies, exclusive brands and a product brand portfoglio of over 700 manufacturers in lighting fans and design Accessories combined with our over 25 years of experience in Project, Retail and Wholesale Business  combines and involves the co-ordination and integration of a highly complex network of common items and materials, processes, designs, technologies and suppliers across worldwide purchasing, and operation locations.

For more information about our procurement services mail us to:

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