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Focused growth

In the rapidly changing digitalised retail market of the future, strengthening profitable business models will be vital to business success. As a major global online retailer and service provider, the Renami Group intends to set clear benchmarks and generate significant growth with this strategy.

+300% is the annual revenue target the Renami Group has set itself by the 2022 financial year. To achieve its ambitious growth and profitability targets, the Group is pursuing a focused growth strategy in its three business segments of Product Development,  E-commerce, and  E-commerce related Services. Targeted investments in those market-relevant business models and Group companies will be made where firm prospects for particularly good performance and high growth potential have been identified.

Product Development

Renami Group is active in 3 segments, Lighting, Ventilation and Heating. The further investments of our Inhouse Brand "My Fancy Lighting" and in our Middle East and European Manufacturing location run Hand in Hand with a deep cooperation of our Product and third party Brand partners,The investment focus is on selected companies and brands, in line with the Group’s growth strategy with main focus in  " NON MADE IN CHINA"  and a further development of ecological and sustainable Products with focus on more close to Distribution production and logistics. 


Distribution and Services Development

Renami Group is active in the Multichannel  Online Retail and Wholesale segment with its three business models ‘Platform & Retail’, ‘Brand Concepts’ and ‘Corporate Ventures’. 

Within the PLATFORM & RETAIL business model, major investment is being made into our online platforms,, to transform it into an e-commerce platform where customers receive a diverse product and brand offer with the service they are used to get from our Showrooms and Lighting Studios.  This comprises thousands  of articles, with highly intelligent, personalised customer advice both online and offline, first-rate services and a trusting relationship with business partners.

Furthermore Renami Group  is investing more intensively in its successful ONLINE STORE CONCEPTS, in which we offer to third party our platforms, our product and distribution network and our knowledge gained in online business over the last decade. Our goal  is to be active in almost 30 countries, which will make the Group the most international online lighting platform in the World.

Our biggest project is the new Renami Group concept and platform This platform will serve manufacturers, wholesalers, big and small retailers to offer their ready on stock products on an international platform in an online store which will give the customer the feeling to be in a real store with all the service and support he needs.

Further expansion will be the launch of in the second half of 2021, the launch of (based on the same products and concept of lightdubai) in Europe and the launch of which focus will be outdoor lighting and outdoor lighting furniture.

" We have set ourselves the ambitious goal of getting Renami Group on track for strong, sustainable growth " 

  Roland W. Koch,  CEO Renami Group



Start-ups are vitally important in remaining competitive. This is why Renami Group will support online new-comers and start-ups in the lighting business. We provide under different concepts and models  know-how as well as access to working business models and the best business teams and what is most important Products. 

E-commmerce services remain a high priority for the Group.

Continued growth in e-commerce is making so-called ‘last mile’ services such as next-day and same-day delivery, customer-defined delivery times, and home installation enormously important. Service standards are constantly rising, which makes online shopping even more enjoyable for the customer but at the same time represents a major challenge for logistics companies. Renami Group will in future focus squarely on distribution and the associated, increasingly demanding end-customer services.

New logistics hubs are currently in set up.  In addition the Group traditionally very strong in the Middle East and Africa is  expanding its European service network further, and with the new Headquarter in Amsterdam  strongly represented in Europe.

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